Boxing for a Cause - Felines & Canines Rescue Center - January 2019

Photo of Jasmine LeBlanc Jasmine LeBlanc - January 18, 2019

Boxing for a Cause is our way of giving back to the community. Each month, Image in a Box donates to a nonprofit picked by one of our team members. Jasmine chose Felines & Canines Rescue Center for January!

2019-January-Boxing-for-a-Cause-JasmineAbout Felines & Canines Rescue Center

The Felines & Canines Rescue Center (FCRC) is a relocation facility that rescues pets in North Alabama shelters and transports them to the Midwest, where there are more adoption opportunities available. This helps prevent North Alabama shelters from becoming overcrowded and resorting to euthanizing cats and dogs. The FCRC transports approximately 50-70 dogs and cats every week to safe adoption centers.

Why Jasmine Chose Felines & Canines Rescue Center

Jasmine chose FCRC to receive a donation because she appreciates their mission of providing safe housing for animals and relocating them to where there is a higher demand to adopt pets.

She says, "Relocating animals to different states is difficult to do as an individual or a typical animal shelter due to time constraints and resources. That's why I think this relocation facility is such an incredible concept because they're a whole organization that is dedicated to transporting cats and dogs to locations where there are more adoption opportunities for them."

Learn how you can help Felines & Canines Rescue Center, too! Be sure to come back next month to see which nonprofit our team chooses!