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Cares for a Cause - Cornerstone Initiative - August 2021

Jasmine LeBlanc 8/19/21 6:07 PM

Cares for a Cause is our way of giving back to our local community. Each month, one of our team members selects a local nonprofit to receive a donation. For this month, Jacob chose The Cornerstone Initiative to receive a donation!

IIAB CFAC Cares For A Cause 2021-Aug-IG

About Cornerstone Initiative

The Cornerstone Initiative helps transform low-income communities through the power of Christ-centered relationships. They offer initiatives such as "Our Jobs for Life" that trains adults for success in the workplace. They also offer a "Faith and Finances" course that lays the foundation for good financial literacy by discussing money in the context of relationships, attitudes, values, and obstacles.
The Cornerstone Initiative exists to encourage relationships, awaken hope, and promote opportunities so that individuals and the community flourish.

Why Jacob Chose the Cornerstone Initiative

Jacob says, "I chose the Cornerstone Initiative because they're making an impact by providing members of low-income communities with the skills, resources, and relationships needed to help them succeed and provide for their families."

Learn how you can help out The Cornerstone Initiative, too! Be sure to check in next month to see which local nonprofit one of our team members chooses to receive a donation.