Think Twice About Using Hostgator for WordPress Hosting

Photo of Justin Givens Justin Givens - October 15, 2013

You might not realize it but cost does says something about your WordPress Hosting company

In one our past articles, Michelle talked about why cheap web hosting isn’t a solution for a serious business website. Well, this past week, I learned another reason why you shouldn’t use cheap web hosting.

Joost de Valk,the creator behind WordPress SEO by Yoast (one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins), posted an article about “Why you should avoid HostGator“…a well known cheap web hosting provider. The article discussed how HostGator had disabled one of their customer’s websites without any notification, because they were using the WordPress SEO plugin. You can read the full article here, but it is pretty crazy that they would just go in and block the entire account because of one DONOTCACHE request; especially without any prior notice to the client!

No notification, no warning, nothing.

How would you feel about that? I would be livid! This just proves that you need to evaluate your hosting client, and how they support you. Image In A Box is serious about hosting and customer support.

A client’s website would not be shutdown on our server for using WordPress SEO by Yoast; this plugin made our top 10 WordPress plugins list. It made the list because Image In A Box knows Yoast is an SEO expert, and he has done an awesome job with the plugin!

“When I do spend money on hosting, I do not use HostGator!” – Justin Givens