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7 Instagram Tips Every Nonprofit Should Know

Jasmine LeBlanc 6/21/19 8:30 AM

Instagram is the fastest-growing social media platform out there right now. So how can your nonprofit gain attention and engagement on this app?

You want to make sure you are following best practices so that you keep your current followers interested while attracting new ones. We’ll cover 7 Instagram tips that every nonprofit should know.

1. Use the Donation Sticker in Stories

Instagram is already well-known for their interactive stickers such as polls, quizzes, and more. Now, they have a donation sticker that is perfect for nonprofits and supporters to use in their Stories.

You can type a short message (72 characters) on the donation sticker encouraging your followers to give back and it will automatically send the user to a page where they can make a donation when they click through.

IMPORTANT: Your nonprofit must be approved by Facebook in order to receive donations through this new feature. To learn how to get set up, click here.

2. Use Highlights Wisely

Highlights let you pin Stories to your brand’s profile page and appear right above your photo grid. Unlike regular Stories that expire after 24 hours, Highlights will live on your page until you decide to remove them!

Highlights are the perfect way to categorize topics about your nonprofit. This way, it’s easy for users to find the content they’re specifically interested in.

For instance, if a user is deciding whether or not they want to attend one of your events, a Highlight dedicated to Stories consisting of your previous events would be extremely relevant to them.

3. Make the Most Out of Your Link in Bio

Unlike every other social platform, Instagram isn’t very link-friendly. If you have 10k+ followers, you can include “swipe-up” links in your stories. However, if you are still building your following, then you get one shot for a clickable link, and that’s in your bio section.

To play it safe, a lot of people just use their homepage on their website as their link. However, you can’t bank on everyone wanting to take the time to navigate your site to get to the specific page you want them to visit.

Luckily, free tools like Linktree have been invented to allow you to put multiple links on a mobile-friendly landing page. We recommend using a tool like this so that you can include a link not only to your homepage but also to your donation page, an event registration form, a new blog post, etc.

By leading your followers to the exact link you want them to visit, you are increasing engagement with your content.

4. Create a Branded Hashtag

Branded hashtags are key for nonprofits because it’s an easy way to generate awareness for your cause. Simply generate a short and sweet hashtag that’s unique to your cause and easy to type (to prevent typos).

After you come up with one, encourage your followers to share it. You can use it at your next fundraising event or host a photo scavenger hunt.

5. Keep Your Posts Diverse

As a nonprofit, you will find yourself wanting to promote donations or fundraisers 24/7. However, people don’t follow accounts to be constantly asked to do something. They’re more interested in what you’re doing and staying up-to-date with your latest events.

So with that said, avoid using Instagram just for fundraising purposes. Share some behind-the-scenes, a day-in-the-life, thank you posts (for volunteers and donations), quotes, or just relevant photos to your cause.

By keeping your posts diverse, you can sprinkle in the occasional fundraising post and it will seem fresh and not overwhelming.

6. Use the Right Hashtags

We already talked about creating a hashtag unique to your nonprofit, but while that is gaining traction you’ll need to use other hashtags in the meantime.

Our best advice is to use hashtags that are relevant to what you’re specific post is about. If you are a local nonprofit and want to reach people in your community, then search for the most popular hashtag for your city and use it in each one of your posts.

Use sources like Display Purposes to research hashtags ahead of time.

7. Interact With Other Accounts

Creating compelling content is only half your job on Instagram! In order for your organization to receive consistent engagement on this platform, you have to form relationships by interacting with other accounts.

Be sure to interact with accounts that your donor persona follows and popular accounts in your local community. By liking, commenting, tagging, and sharing other people's content, you are drawing awareness to your own account, too!


Be sure to use these 7 tips whether you are looking to boost donations on Instagram, or just bring more awareness to your cause. If you want to learn even more tips and tricks, download our free guide!