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Top 5 Facebook Page How Tos

Michelle Givens 6/27/13 1:13 PM

Do you need help with your Facebook company page? Well, wait no longer, we have come up a list of the top 5 Facebook page how tos.

1 – Fix Your Cropped Facebook Page Profile Photo

Is Facebook automatically cropping your profile photo like this?

Facebook Page Cropped Profile Picture
This can be very frustrating! You keep uploading different photos and Facebook keeps automatically zooming in way too far on your logo.

How To – Make your profile photo square, 180 x 180 pixels or larger to be exact.

That is it! Poof! Profile photo magic!

2 – Fix Your Cropped Facebook Thumbnail Photo

Ok, now you have your profile photo cropping fixed, but your profile thumbnail is still being cropped! Now what?

Facebook Page Cropped Thumbnail Photo
How To – Hover over your page’s profile, and select edit thumbnail. A pop up window will open. Check the Scale to Fit box and save.

Simple! Now your thumbnail photo looks great!

3 – Create a Facebook Page Vanity URL

So you created a Facebook page a long time ago or your skipped the Vanity URL section when you made your page?

Create Facebook Page Vanity URL
No worries…you can still get a Facebook Vanity URL.

How To – Go to Update Page Info option under the Edit Page menu. Change the Page Address section to the Vanity URL you want!

Voila! Now you can send people to your clean new URL!

4 – Schedule Facebook Page Posts

So you need a post to go out on Facebook, but you won’t be around when it needs to go out?

Schedule a Facebook Page Post
No problem! Just use Facebook’s scheduled posts!

How To – Create a post as you normally would, but instead of clicking the Post button, click the Clock icon in the left corner of the status update section.
Then you will need to select the year, date and time for the post and click the Schedule button.
Yippee! Keep your audience engaged even when you are away!

5 – Pin Important Facebook Posts

You post frequently on Facebook, but you want to highlight a specific post all month…say a monthly sales promotion. How can you do that?

Pin Facebook Page Posts
How To – After you have posted a photo, status, or event, click the Edit icon in the upper right corner of the post. Select the Pin to Top option.
Highlight your most important weekly or monthly post easily!

That is it for our Top 5 Facebook Page How Tos. I hope you find them helpful!

Have other Facebook Page How To’s you want help with? Leave them below in the comments and we will help you out!