5 Tools We're Thankful for That Make Digital Marketing Easier

Photo of Jasmine LeBlanc Jasmine LeBlanc - November 16, 2018

Every year we discover tools that help us do our job better or our favorite tools receive updates that make them even more helpful. We decided to round up a list of tools that we are thankful for that make digital marketing easier when it comes to web design and development, content creation, and running marketing campaigns.


1. HubSpot

Michelle, our managing director, chose HubSpot as a tool she's thankful for making her job easier. She says, "One of the top marketing tools that I am thankful for all year long is HubSpot. This robust all-in-one marketing tool includes everything you need to build, promote, and monitor prosperous marketing campaigns. "

While HubSpot has many useful features, here's more on the specific ones she enjoys using, "What I appreciate most are the automation features that make my marketing efforts more efficient and effective. And, its rich reporting features allow me to effortlessly keep track of which sources and campaigns are driving the most leads and sales for our customers."

2. Beaver Builder

Jacob, our front-end specialist, named Beaver Builder as one of the tools he's thankful for this year. He says, "Beaver Builder makes building and editing pages in WordPress so much easier, especially for many of our clients that aren’t developers. Beaver Builder allows users to add content modules to their pages without the need for editing code. The software is very robust and allows for tons of customization and is built so developers can build customizations to integrate it with other systems."

What's better than a tool that makes your job easier? When that tool receives an update and provides you with more helpful features! Jacob says, "Beaver Builder recently released a new update that added a lot of new features including more advanced styling options including background shapes and gradients as well as new typography options. Beaver Builder is also fully compatible with the new WordPress editor, Gutenberg."

3. Bitbucket Pipelines

Our technical director, Justin, is thankful for Bitbucket Pipelines. He says, "Totally nerd here, but Bitbucket Pipelines have helped optimize our code deployment for all clients. Pipelines is an automated system that performs steps to deliver code into production environments. By moving from a manual process to an automated system, it ensures the same steps are performed when code is deployed to a production environment. In turn, this provides continuous delivery of code and allows the team to focus on better programming and support for our clients."

4-5. Blog Title Generation Tools

Last but not least, here are a couple of tools that I'm thankful for making my job easier. I couldn't pick just one that I was thankful for because these two go hand-in-hand.

Blog topics and titles require a lot of brainstorming, and at times can stump me. However, tools like CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer and IMPACT's Blog Title Generator get my creative gears turning and help me create effective titles.

Whenever I have writer's block for titles, I head over to IMPACT's Blog Title Generator for inspiration. They have what seems like an infinite amount of great blog title suggestions, where all you have to do is fill in the blanks with your keywords. If their titles aren't a direct fit for my post, they still help spark ideas.

After I narrow down my blog title options, I run them through CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer to get a full analysis on how effective they are. The analysis report provides a headline score and shows a break down of word balance, title length, keywords, and sentiment. It also shows a preview of how the title will look in a Google search and as an email subject line in an inbox. It's an incredibly helpful tool that helps me select the right title for my blog posts.


These are just some of the tools that have made our jobs easier on a daily basis. We hope that you give these a try to help make digital marketing a smoother process!