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2014 website trends…is your website ready?

Photo of Michelle Givens Michelle Givens - January 1, 2014

Happy New Year everyone; 2014 is here! In the midst of all of your 2014 business planning, don’t forget your website!

To make sure you know where to start on your digital marketing plans for your website, I have come up with a list of website must haves for 2014.

A website that is optimized for all screen sizes.

Every website needs to be compatible with the ever-changing device screen sizes and retina displays. Responsive web design, which is not a relatively new web trend, is a must have in 2014 due to the ever increasing number of mobile website visitors. A recent mobile website traffic study stated that mobile traffic continues to grow year over year, mobile devices accounted for 28% of total website traffic in Q3 2013 that is up 171% since Q3 2011 and 67% since Q3 2012. To meet this increasing trend of mobile device website visitors means you need to make sure your website is mobile device friendly. If not, they may end up at your competitor’s site that is mobile friendly.

Simple website design that tells a compelling story and is thoughtful of the end-user experience.

This year, as well as 2013, is all about simplicity and end-user experience. With Apple’s release of iOS 7 and Windows release of Windows 8, it is certain to say that another year of Flat UI is upon us. So if you didn’t catch up with the trend in 2013, your website must have a Flat UI in 2014!

Additionally, your website must have simple storytelling in 2014. In another information overloaded year, the only way to truly capture your website visitor’s attention is by stripping the fluff and getting straight to the point. The best way to do this is by simple storytelling. This helps draw your website visitors in immediately. Also, it helps the end-user experience by guiding your visitors through your site.

Animations through HTML 5, CSS3, and Javascript; not Flash.

Out with the Flash and in with the new! To compliment your storytelling, your 2014 website must have videos and animations! Now with HTML 5, CSS3, and Javascript, you can add animation to your website without being limited on Apple devices which are not Flash compatible. One newer trend that will become more prevalent in 2014 is Parallax Scrolling. This scrolling technique truly enhances a website’s storytelling capabilities.

There you have it. A short, yet powerful, list of 2014 website trends your website must have!

A question you may be asking yourself now…”Does my website need an update?”

To stay up to date with the latest website trends, IIAB recommends updating your website every 2 to 3 years. If you are not sure if you need a new look for 2014, contact us today for a free consultation.

What website trends do you think are going to hot in 2014? Leave a comment or question below!